Access Control Systems

Access control systems are designed to protect and control the entrance and other areas of your business premises by only allowing access to authorised personnel.

They have become an essential security solution for a wide range of businesses. Particularly gyms, offices, hospitals, schools, shops, car parks and more.

Access control systems can be easily integrated with entrance control security such as turnstiles, security portals, barriers, and speed gates.

What Are the Benefits of Access Control?

There are many benefits of implementing an access control system into your business.

First of all, they can deter thieves from opportunistic theft so provide an extra layer of security to your business premises.

Access control systems are a great way of monitoring visitors, customers or even staff into your business. And last of all, they can even reduce your insurance premiums!

The Different Types of Access Control Systems That We Offer

There are various types of access control systems available on the market. At CSL Data Services, we have experience in providing our customers with the best type of system for their business’ security needs – so we’re able to advise you on the best solution for you.

We work with some of the most reputable and well-known manufacturers in the industry, including Paxton and HikVision.

Find out more about the main types of access control systems below:

Digital Keypads

Arguably the most popular type of system, keypads are particularly useful for securing certain areas within your business premises.

This could be to secure a room where money or confidential materials are kept, for example. Keypads are a great, low-cost option for an access control system. Paxton offers a range of Standalone systems such as the Switch2 and Compact systems that are brilliant and affordable solutions.

However, they do rely on a number of people using one keypad access code, so it’s important you can trust whoever you give access to.

Swipe Systems

Swipe cards are also a popular choice to secure specific areas within business premises so that only authorised staff members or visitors or able to enter.

You’ll often find these located within somewhere like a hospital where some areas are prohibited. Or in gyms and leisure centres for example, so that only paying members are able to enter the facilities.

Mobile Credentials or Key Fobs

Relying on Bluetooth, mobile credentials and key fobs provide a great contactless access control solution.

Using something like a mobile phone to gain access is useful if you have a large organisation or a large number of visitors as it can be scalable to a large number of users. The Paxton 10 access control system offers a great mobile credentials solution.


An increasingly popular type of access control system, biometric provides the ultimate in security. Biometric security consists of fingerprint readers and facial recognition systems – so they are best suited within a location where a high level of security is needed.

Facial recognition systems have also become very popular recently as they don’t rely on contact, so make for a COVID-19 secure workplace. We supply a facial recognition system from Hikvision, which is a cost-effective option made accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.

Long-Range Readers

A long-range reader is the perfect access control system to monitor and restrict vehicles as they enter and leave.

They can be used to open a gate or barrier, and are a good option if you are a business with a private car park that you need to keep secure.

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